Lothar Thiele


  Lothar Thiele

Prof. Thiele was named full Professor of Computer Engineering in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the ETH Zurich in 1994. His research interests at the Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory deal with models, methods, and software for the design of embedded systems, as well as with the development of parallel algorithms for signal and image processing.

Prof. Thiele was born in 1957 in Aachen, Germany. After passing his concert exams in piano, he studied electrical engineering at the Rhine Westphalia Institute of Technology in Aachen and at the Technical University, Munich. Awarded his doctorate (Dr.Ing.) in 1985, he wrote his dissertation on approximation and synthesis methods for linear systems. For the next three years he remained at the same institute where he was involved in studying algorithms for signal and image processing, also completing his habilitation in this field. From 1987 he was a member of the research group of Professor Thomas Kailath at the Information Systems Laboratory of Stanford University. During this time he was invited to fill the Chair for Microelectronics at the University of Saarland, which he accepted in 1988.

In 1986 he was given the Dissertation Award of the Technical University of Munich. In 1987 he received the 'Outstanding Young Author Award of the IEEE Circuits and System Society'. Following this he was distinguished with the '1988 Browder J. Thompson Memorial Award of the IEEE'. In 2000 he received the 'IBM Faculty Partnership Award'.

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