The breadth of these scientific interests and the needs for crossbreeding among disciplines demand a multi-institutional effort, as well as the training of scientists through graduate and continuing education programs. Education is thus an essential element of the Nano-Tera.CH program. EPFL and UniBasel are already involved in successful multi-university bachelor and master programs in nano-technology. Nano-Tera.CH will continue this experience, complement the current programs and extend them to doctoral and continuing education.

In particular, the Nano-Tera.CH program intends to broaden the doctoral program offered at various Swiss universities to achieve the breadth and depth typical of their American counterparts. This goal is achieved by creating courses that can be offered to all graduate students of the participating institutions. Co-teaching in joint courses will be encouraged. Innovation in teaching will be based on blending ex cathedra instruction with lab experimentation and with the creation of engineering projects to develop new technologies and applications.

Continuing education in a cost-covering manner by the participants will address the re-training of engineers in industry in the field of nano-technology and distributed embedded systems. In the latter domain, USI already offers the ALaRI program with the support of the partner institutions. Nano-Tera.CH intends to broaden such pilot program both in its technical basis and in its relation with the industrial world.

Nano-Tera.CH will support the creation of Summer Institutes, with the objective of gathering scientists and instructors to offer condensed instructional programs on specific topics. Such institutes will be targeted to graduate students and junior researchers in academia and industry.

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