Program operation

The Nano-Tera.CH program leverages a broad range of technologies. The purpose is to show how vital all these technologies are for reaching the overall program objectives. At the same time, these technologies are often interrelated. Thus achieving system-level demonstrators of the technologies and their integration in the application areas is a unique opportunity to drive the underlying key aspects of the technology toward realistic and practical outcomes. This is a unique complex system-level market pull from the “Tera” side supporting a technological push at the “Nano” physical level that is to lead to new successful high added value future products.

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Technology Integration

Nano-Tera's most ambitious goal is to foster integration of technologies different in scale, in field of science and thus in people. Nano-Tera's projects embrace multi-institutional, multi-cultural teams of scientists and engineers. Hereunder we present some relevant multi-technology demonstrators as examples of concrete expected outcomes of Nano-Tera.

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Ambient and Health Systems

Bio-sensing networks to protect human and environment, using various integrated technologies. High well being and commercial impacts in disaster prevention and health cost reduction.

  • Distributed bio-sensor networks for water monitoring
  • Integrated mobile-health sensing and diagnosis networks

Wearable Systems for Health and Security

They will become common personal assistants as unobtrusive, autonomous and seamless interfaces between the human and the ambient intelligence. High commercial impact in sports, wear industry and elderly care.

  • Wearable systems for body-function monitoring for sports
  • Wearable systems for elderly care

Remote integrated experiments

Micro-satellites, as a low cost alternative for zero-gravity biologic experiments, holds high commercial impact in pharmaceutical industries.

  • Cell development experiments in zero-gravity
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Nano-Tera Technology Workflow

Nano-Tera WorkflowThe technology workflow depicts how the overall objectives depend or rely on the progress and influence of individual technologies.

Hardware choices at the nano level have direct consequences on dependability and security for example. Also, novel nanotechnology-based circuitry require novel design tools that in return influence them.

Nano-Tera's workflow decomposes the overall complexity in identifiable subproblems.

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Management & Timeline

Nano-Tera Management and Timeline The key elements in Nato-Tera are a network of collaboration between academic and industrial research institutions.

The operation of Nano-Tera.CH will be structured to support these goals:

  • Individual projects typically will be comprised of more than one research team
  • Projects that relate well in terms of expertise and complementary knowledge will be grouped into clusters
  • They will be animated using organization of cross-institutional workshops and summer schools
There will be mechanisms in place to monitor the scientific progress of projects and their integration into the whole Nano-Tera.CH program


The time line of Nano-Tera's projects goes from early trials using existing technologies towards complex demonstrators of the developed technologies.

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