Expert in quantum cryptography
Nicolas Gisin
Secure High-Speed Communication based on Quantum Key Distribution
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Expert in circuits and systems for telecommunications (wireless and wired),and the prototyping and silicon implementation of new communication technologies
Andreas Burg
Expert in VLSI algorithms, systems and test
Norbert Felber
HES-SO/HEIG-VD/REDS, HES-SO team manager
Expert in complex digital systems and VHDL IP cores
Etienne Messerli
id Quantique SA
Expert in secure networks
Grégoire Ribordy
id Quantique SA

Project Description

Today's information society has an ever-growing need for secure data transmission. QCrypt offers at the same time an elegant solution for quantum-secure cryptographic  key exchange and data encryption  at a world record rate of 100 Gb/s. 

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Our researchers in the media

Notable publications

Performance of the SwissQuantum network over 21 months
Damien Stucki, Matthieu Legré, Laurent Monat, Samuel Robyr, Patrick Trinkler, Grégoire Ribordy, Rob Thew, Nino Walenta, Nicolas Gisin, François Buntschu, Didier Perroud, Gerald Litzistorf, Jose Tavares, Stefano Ventura, Pascal Junod, Raphael Voirol, Patrick Monbaron
Proc. SPIE 8189, 81891D

Long-term performance of the SwissQuantum quantum key distribution network in a field environment
D Stucki, M Legré, F Buntschu, B Clausen, N Felber, N Gisin, L Henzen, P Junod, G Litzistorf, P Monbaron, L Monat, J-B Page, D Perroud, G Ribordy, A Rochas, S Robyr, J Tavares, R Thew, P Trinkler, S Ventura, R Voirol, N Walenta, H Zbinden.
New Journal of Physics 13, 123001

Continuous QKD and high speed data encryption
Hugo Zbinden; Nino Walenta; Olivier Guinnard; Raphael Houlmann; Charles Lim Ci Wen; Boris Korzh; Tommaso Lunghi; Nicolas Gisin; Andreas Burg; Jeremy Constantin; Matthieu Legré; Patrick Trinkler; Dario Caselunghe; Natalia Kulesza; Gregory Trolliet; Fabien Vanneel; Pascal Junod; Olivier Auberson; Yoan Graf; Gilles Curchod; Gilles Habegger; Etienne Messerli; Christopher Portmann; Luca Henzen; Christoph Keller; Christian Pendl; Michael Mühlberghuber; Christoph Roth; Norbert Felber; Frank Gürkaynak; Daniel Schöni; Beatt Muheim
Proc. SPIE 8899, Emerging Technologies in Security and Defence

Layered detection and decoding in MIMO wireless systems
Nicholas Preyss, Andreas Burg, Christoph Studer
Design and Architectures for Signal and Image Processing (DASIP)


Posters from 2013

Suitability of Commercial off-the-shelf Dynamic Memory as Physically unclonable Functions
Christoph Keller, Frank Gürkaynak, Hubert Kaeslin, Norbert Felber

Comparing High-Speed Authenticated Cipher Cores for 100 Gbit/s Encryption Systems
Christoph Keller, Michael Mühlberghuber, Frank Gürkaynak, Christian Pendl, Norbert Felber

Challenge of Designing PCBs with complexe FPGA and very high speed links
Olivier Auberson, Gilles Curchod, Gilles Habegger, Etienne Messerli, Norbert Felber, Laurent Monat

QKD key distillation engine
R. Houlmann, J. Constantin et. al.

Posters from 2012

A high speed QKD prototype based on the coherent one-way protocol
Walenta, Houlmann, Guinnard, Lunghi, Zbinden, Gisin

Physically Unclonable Functions for Secure Hardware
Ursula Keller, Felber, Gurkaynak, Kaeslin

100Giga Fast Encryption Engine
Messerli, Auberson, Curchod, Graf, Monat

Posters from 2011

QCRYPT 100 Giga fast Encryptor
Messerli, Auberson, Graf, Christoph Keller, Christoph Roth

High Speed Quantum Key Distribution
Nino Walenta, Andreas Burg, Olivier Guinnard, Raphael Houlmann, Charles Ci Wen Lim, Patrick Trinkler, Fabien Vannel, Hugo Zbinden


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