Expert in molecular dynamics and near?field optical microscopy
Harry Heinzelmann
Probe Array Technology for Life Science Applications
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Expert in functionalization, CL array microfabrication and functionalization, top-down fabrication methods for nanowires
Jürgen Brugger
Expert in microsensors, microfluidics and  
Nicolaas De Rooij
Expert in micro-optics and photonic crystal-based sensors
Hans Peter Herzig
UNIL/Centre Pluridisciplinaire d'Oncologie
Expert in Membrane microdomains
Agnese Mariotti
Expert in Functionalization/Sensing
Ernst Meyer
UNIL/Biology and Medecine
Expert in Cancer immunology and immunotherapy
Pedro Romero
Expert in vesicle & cell arrays
Horst Vogel

Project Description

Methods that allow the routine, early, non-invasive detection of cancer willallow early treatment with better survival rates. The development oflaboratory tools for the screening of cancer drugs on a cell level, allowing monitoring the cells’ adhesion and biomechanical responses, represent promising paths in the search of cancer therapies. The projects objectives include the optimization of nanomechanical sensing for early cancer detection, with a case study for head and neck cancer patients. Further, parallel force spectroscopy is being developed that allow the statistically relevant examination of the nanomechanical responses of numerous cells simultaneously. 

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Our researchers in the media

Notable publications

Real-Time Viscosity and Mass Density Sensors Requiring Microliter Sample Volume Based on Nanomechanical Resonators
BA Bircher, L Duempelmann, K Renggli, HP Lang, C Gerber, N Bruns, T Braun
Analytical chemistry 85 (18), 8676-8683 (2013)

Development of Robust and Standardized Cantilever Sensors Based on Biotin/Neutravidin Coupling for Antibody Detection
J Zhang, HP Lang, F Battiston, N Backmann, F Huber, C Gerber
Sensors 13 (4), 5273-5285 (2013)

Direct detection of a BRAF mutation in total RNA from melanoma cells using cantilever arrays
F Huber, HP Lang, N Backmann, D Rimoldi, C Gerber
Nature nanotechnology 8 (2), 125-129 (2013)

Piezoresistive Membrane-Type Surface Stress Sensor Arranged In Arrays For Cancer Diagnosis Through Breath Analysis
F. Loizeau, H.P. Lang, T. Akiyama, S. Gautsch, P. Vettiger, A. Tonin, G. Yoshikawa, Ch. Gerber, N. de Rooij
Proc. 26th IEEE International Conference On Micro Electro Mechanical Systems MEMS 2013, p. 621-624 (2013)


Posters from 2014

High aspect ratio SU-8 tips for cost-efficient bio-probe fabrication
Jonas Henriksson, Giovanni Boero, Jürgen Brugger

Nanomechanical membrane sensors for non-invasive analysis of exhaled breath samples from cancer patients
Hans Peter Lang, Frederic Loizeau, Agnes Hiou, Pedro Romero, Teru Akiyama, Sebastian Gautsch, Christoph Gerber, Ernst Meyer

Posters from 2013

Individually actuated cantilever arrays for cell force spectroscopy
Jonas Henriksson, Maurizio Gullo, Juergen Brugger

Antibody recognition of tumor cells on the cantilever surface
Jiayun Zhang, François Huber, Donata Rimoldi, Hans Peter Lang, Christoph Gerber

Melanoma Diagnostics with Nanomechanical Biosensors
François Huber, Natalija Backmann, Jiayun Zhang, Donata Rimoldi, Hans Peter Lang, Christoph Gerber

Microfabricated sensor arrays for life science applications
Frédéric Loizeau, Terunobu Akiyama, Sebastian Gautsch, Hans Peter Lang, André Meister, Peter Vettiger, Genki Yoshikawa, Nico de Rooij

Posters from 2012

Microfabricated Sensor Arrays for Life Science Applications
Loizeau, Akiyama, Gautsch, Meister, Vettiger, Yoshikawa, de Rooij

Melanoma cell elasticity measurements by means of multicantilever atomic force microscopy
Weder, Favre, Ischer, Loizeau, Gautsch, Meister, Heinzelmann

Pre-selection of cancer cells using a microfluidic cell sorter
Huber, Backmann, Lang, Rimoldi, Martinez Duarte, Renaud, Gerber, Meyer

Polymer-coating of membrane surface stress sensors using inkjet spotting
Lang, Loizeau, Gautsch, Gerber, Meyer


Posters from 2011

Nanomechanical sensing of tumor cells circulating in blood; cell, mRNA and DNA detection

Integrated MEMS actuation for force spectroscopy in liquid
Jonas Henriksson, Maurizio Gullo, J

Parallel AFM Force Spectroscopy on Melanoma Cells for Cancer Research


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