Expert in innovative electronic materials
Andrzej Sienkiewicz
Core-shell superparamagnetic and up-converting nano-engineered materials for biomedical applications

UniFribourg/Dept. of Chemistry/Fink Group
Expert in inorganic chemistry and nano-materials
Alke Fink
Expert in innovative electronic materials
Andrzej Sienkiewicz

Project Description

The goal of this project is to prepare core-shell nanoparticles, which would combine superparamagnetic properties with capability of fluorescence imaging and photosensitization of reactive oxygen species (ROS) under near-infrared (NIR) illumination. Such NIR-to-visible up-converting multifunctional nano-constructs based on highly efficient up-converting phosphors (NaYF4:Yb,Er) and superparamagnetic iron oxides (nano-UPs) have the potential for numerous biomedical applications. In particular, since the auto-fluorescence from bio-molecules and tissues in the NIR region is weak, implementation of nano-UPs will result in improved signal-to-noise ratio in bio-imaging. Moreover, nano-UPs have the potential to be used in eradication of diseased tissues in photodynamic therapy (PDT) because NIR light can penetrate ticker tissues due to weak absorption in the tissue optical window.  Additionally, due to super-paramagnetic properties, the diagnostic and therapeutic applications of these nano-engineered systems will also encompass, among the others, the magnetic-field-driven drug delivery, hyperthermia treatment of diseased tissues, and contrast enhancement in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). 

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Posters from 2014

Uptake and bioaccumulation of multifunctional magnetic and NIR-sensitive nanoparticles by aquatic plants: electron spin resonance, two-photon and confocal microscopy studies
C.L. Spori, G. Prigent, M. Schaer, M. Crittin, P. Matus, T. Laroche, B. Sikora, I. Kaminska, K. Fronc, D. Elbaum, R. Digigow, A. Fink, I. Ahmadov, R. Khalilov, M. Ramazanov, Laszlo Forró, and A. Sienkiewicz

Multipurpose magnetic-photoluminescent-photocatalytic nanostructures for biomedical applications
Gaelle Prigent, Michel Schaer, Mireille Crittin, Reinaldo Digigow, Alke Fink, Laszlo Forró, Sebastian Mackowski, and Andrzej Sienkiewicz

Posters from 2012

Multifunctional magnetic, photoluminescent and photocatalytic nano-constructs for bio-medical applications
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Posters from 2011

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