USZ/Neonatology/BORL, ETHZ/NCZ
Expert in miniaturised systems for the life sciences, clinical trial in NIRS Spectrophotometry
Martin Wolf
Novel integrated wearable sensors for multi-parameter monitoring in critically ill newborns

CSEM/Systems division
Expert in control of parallel robots, physiological parameter monitoring
Olivier Chételat
USZ/Neonatology - University Hospital of Zurich
Expert in neuroprotection in extremely premature infants, cerebral circulation during neonatal adaptation
Jean-Claude Fauchère

Project Description

For preterm infants and severely ill newborns undergoing intensive or intermediate care, it is crucial to monitor their vital signs, in particular their cardio-respiratory system: the heart rate and respiration are monitored by ECG (electrocardiogram), the arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2) by pulse oximetry of the upper (pre-ductal measurements), and of the lower (post-ductal measurements) body to assess for patent ductus arteriosus, especially in case of right-to-left shunt due to persistent pulmonary hypertension, but also to detect cyanotic congenital heart defects, and moreover the oxygenation (StO2) of the fragile brain by NIRS (near-infrared spectroscopy). 

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Health-related quality of life of former very preterm infants in adulthood

Posters from 2014

Using nonlinear data analysis and data mining to assess physiological changes in preterm infants measured with near-infrared spectroscopy, pulse oximetry and electrocardiography
F. Scholkmann, S. Kleiser, M. Pastweski, T. Hapuarachchi, C. Hagmann, J.-C. Fauchère, M. Wolf