Expert in analog and mixed-signal IC design
Maher Kayal
Developing of new technologies dedicated to the real time monitoring and management of smart grids with validation in the EPFL campus
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Expert in analogue RF systems, systems for frequency references and triggers
Alexandra Andersson
Expert in power systems, distribution systems, distributed generation & storage, electricity market
Rachid Cherkaoui
Expert in Performance evaluation with stochastic models and discrete event systems, Wireless networking, smart grid
Jean-Yves Le Boudec
Expert in Smart grids, Microgrids, Distributed monitoring systems, Phasor measurement units, Real-time optimal operation of distribution networks
Mario Paolone

Project Description

The emerging concept of Smart grid is to be realized by renovating the existing power systems in a way that introduces intelligence in different levels of it. Part of this intelligence has to deal with a large demand for real-time and best decision-making.  In order to keep the reliability of the power system and to improve its efficiency, the decision-making is essentially tied to the optimization of such system at different levels. Additionally, a solution to the optimization problem is of interest only if it meets stringent time frame demands dictated by the need of real-time operation of the smart-grid. A distributed intelligence system can cope with all these requirements: It is able to compute at each level of the hierarchy of the smart grid, from the large-scale bulk grid down to each individual building.  

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Our researchers in the media

Notable publications

Performance Assessment of Linear State Estimators Using Synchrophasor Measurements
Styliani Sarri, Lorenzo Zanni, Miroslav Popovic,Jean-Yves Le Boudec, and Mario Paolone
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, Vol. 65, No. 3, March 2016

Hardware-in-the-loop Validation of the Grid Explicit Congestion Notification Mechanism for Primary Voltage Control in Active Distribution Networks
K. Christakou, M. Pignati, R. Rudnik, S. Sarri, J.-Y. Le Boudec, M Paolone
Power System Computation Conference (PSCC), 2016 IEEE

Fault Detection and Faulted Line Identification in Active Distribution Networks using Synchrophasors-based Real-Time State Estimation
M. Pignati, L. Zanni, P. Romano, R. Cherkaoui, M. Paolone
IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery

Event-driven Human Based Evolutionary Knowledge Base for Smart Buildings
Nastaran Asadi Zanjani, Johann Bigler and Maher Kayal
2nd International Conference on Event-Based Control, Communication, and Signal Processing, Krakow, Poland


Posters from 2016

iPRP - the Parallel Redundancy Protocol for IP Networks
Miroslav Popovic, Maaz Mohiuddin, Dan-Cristian Tomozei, Jean-Yves Le Boudec

High-speed, unbalanced, mixed-signal emulator for solving power system dynamic equations
Guillaume Lanz, Theodoros Kyriakidis, Rachid Cherkaoui, Maher Kayal

Smart Building Management and Control Environment
Nastaran Asadi Zanjani, Georgios Lilis, Gilbert Conus, Maher Kayal

Comparison of Multicast Authentication Schemes for Wide Area Monitoring Systems
Teklemariam Tesfay, Jean-Yves Le Boudec


Posters from 2015

Posters from 2014

Posters from 2013

Smart grids, Smart buildings and Smart sensors using dedicated microelectronic ICs and real time ICT
M. Kayal, M. Paolone, J-Y Le Boudec, R. Cherkaoui, M. Pastre, R. Kanan


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