Expert in Quantum Cascade Lasers
Jérôme Faist
Developing a multi-component sensor for air pollutants and greenhouse gases using near- and mid-infrared spectroscopy
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Expert in data collection and data analysis
Rolf Broennimann
Expert in Gas spectroscopy
Lukas Emmenegger
Expert in nonlinear optics
Herbert Looser
Uni Neuch/FS/IP/LTF
Expert in ultrafast laser physics
Thomas Südmeyer
Uni Neuch

Project Description

Progress in sensor technologies and their applications has become a key ingredient for a sustainable development of today’s society. Gas sensors, in particular, are essential to address some of the major challenges, such as air quality in urban areas and their effect on human health, as well as monitoring, predicting and reducing environmental impacts due to air pollutants and greenhouse gases.  In this respect, mid-infrared (mid-IR) optical absorption techniques offer the possibility to realize highly sensitive detection of gases, which have inherently low molecular densities compared to liquids or solids.  

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Notable publications

Advanced Fabrication of Single-Mode and Multi-Wavelength MIR-QCLs
Martin J. Süess, Romain Peretti, Yong Liang, Johanna Wolf, Christopher Bonzon, Borislav Hinkov, Selamnesh Nida, Pierre Jouy, Wondwosen Metaferia, Sebastian Lourdudoss, Mattias Beck and Jérôme Faist

Advanced fabrication of single-mode and multi-wavelength QCLs
Martin. J. Süess, Romain Peretti, Yong Liang, Johanna Wolf, Christopher Bonzon, Borislav Hinkov, Pierre Jouy, Wondwosen Metaferia, Sebastian Lourdudoss, Mattias Beck, Jérôme Faist
MDPI Photonics 2016, 3, 26; doi: 10.3390/photonics3020026

Dual-section DFB-QCLs for multi-species trace gas analysis
Martin J. Süess, Morten Hundt, Béla Tuzson, Sabine Riedi, Johanna Wolf, Romain Peretti, Mattias Beck, Herbert Looser, Lukas Emmenegger, Jérôme Faist
MDPI Photonics 2016, 3, 24; doi:10.3390/photonics3020024

Single-mode quantum cascade laser array emitting from a single facet
M. Suess, P. Jouy ; C. Bonzon ; J. Wolf ; E. Gini ; M. Beck ; J. Faist
IEEE Phot. Tech. Let. Accepted (2016)


Posters from 2016

Mobile spectroscopic real-time monitoring of NO2 for pollution maps of Zürich
Morten Hundt, Michael Müller, Markus Mangold, Philipp Scheidegger, Béla Tuzson, Herbert Looser, Christoph Hüglin, Lukas Emmenegger

Multi-color DFB QCLs: Pitfalls and opportunities
Süess, Martin J.; Kapsalidis, Filippos; Bonzon, Christopher; Wolf, Johanna M.; Gini, Emilio; Beck, Matthias; Faist, Jérôme

Data acquisition and control system for multi-component gas sensing
Rolf Brönnimann, Dominik Bachmann, André Kuperschmid, Albert Kunz

Investigation of Novel Tuning Mechanisms in QCLs
Kutan Gürel, Stéphane Schilt, Alfredo Bismuto, Yves Bidaux, Camille Tardy, Stephane Blaser, Tobias Gresch, Thomas Südmeyer

Posters from 2015

FPGA based Control System for multi-component gas sensing
Rolf Brönnimann, Dominik Bachmann, Albert Kunz, André Kupferschmid, Markus Mangold, Béla Tuzson

Cylindrical multipass reflection cells for optical trace gas sensing
Markus Mangold, Herbert Looser, Béla Tuzson, and Lukas Emmenegger

Multi-color single-beam QCLs
Martin J. Süess, Johanna Wolf, Selamnesh Nida, Sabine Riedi, Pierre Jouy, Jérôme Faist

Frequency stability of a quantum cascade laser for spectroscopic applications
Stéphane Schilt, Kutan Gürel, Camille Tardy, Alfredo Bismuto, Stéphane Blaser, Richard Maulini, Romain Terazzi, Michel Rochat, Thomas Südmeyer

Posters from 2014

IrSens II: Multi-gas detector
Pierre Jouy, Selamnesh Nida, Jerome Faist and others

IrSens2: Ultra Stable QCL Driver for Spectroscopy
Rolf Brönnimann, Dominik Bachmann, Lukas Emmenegger, Milan Fischer, Albert Kunz, André Kupferschmid, Béla Tuzson


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