Expert in ultrafast solid-state and semiconductor lasers, ultrashort pulse generation in the one to two optical cycle regime, frequency comb generation and stabilization
Ursula Keller
Developing high-power ultrafast semiconductor lasers and demonstrating their use in frequency metrology, white light generation and biomedical imaging
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Expert in workflow-based software for large-scale biological experiments
Gábor Csúcs
Expert in semiconductor devices: simulations, design, fabrication, characterization and laser testing
Deran Maas
FOEM/METAS - Federal Office of Metrology
Expert in photonics, time and frequency
Jacques Morel
Uni Neuch/FS/IP/LTF
Expert in ultrafast laser physics
Thomas Südmeyer
Uni Neuch

Project Description

Following on from Nano-Tera Phase I project MIXSEL, we want to exploit our scientific leadership and consolidate our research efforts for real application demonstrations. We will continue to improve the VECSEL and MIXSEL sources towards prototype demonstrators for end-user demonstration in biomedical imaging, compact efficient white light generation for general high brightness illumination and frequency metrology applications. End-user demonstration will take place with our newly added university and industrial partners. 

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Our researchers in the media

Notable publications

Ultrafast Semiconductor Disk Lasers
Ursula Keller
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, OSA Technical Digest (online) (Optical Society of America, 2017), paper AM4A.2

First Investigation of the Noise and Modulation Properties of the Carrier Envelope Offset in a Modelocked Semiconductor Laser
P. Brochard, N. Jornot, S. Schilt, V.J. Wittwer, S. Hakobyan, D. Waldburger, S.M. Link, C.G.E. Alfieri, M. Golling, L. Devenoges, J. Morel, U. Keller, T. Südmeyer
Optics Letters 41(14), 3165-3168 (2016)

Gigahertz frequency comb offset stabilization based on supercontinuum generation in silicon nitride waveguides
A. Klenner, A.S. Mayer, A.R. Johnson, K. Luke, M.R.E. Lamont, Y. Okawachi, M. Lipson, A.L. Gaeta, U. Keller
Optics Express, 24(10), 11043-11053, (2016)

High Power Yb:YAG Waveguide Amplification of a Femtosecond Semiconductor Disk Laser
N. Jornot, V.J. Wittwer, T. Südmeyer, C. Kränkel, T. Calamo
CLEO-2016, San Jose, USA; June 5-10, 2016, oral #SM2I.1


Posters from 2016

Sub-100-fs SESAM modelocked VECSEL
Dominik Waldburger, Sandro Link, Cesare Alfieri, Emilio Gini, Matthias Golling, Ursula Keller

Sub-100-fs SESAM modelocked VECSEL
Dominik Waldburger, Sandro Link, Cesare Alfieri, Emilio Gini, Matthias Golling, Ursula Keller

Noise Properties of a VECSEL Prototype
Nayara Jornod, Pierre Brochard, Valentin J. Wittwer, Stephane Schilt, Laurent Devenoges, Jaques Morel, Thomas Südmeyer

Dual-comb modelocked lasers
S. M. Link, D. Waldburger, Cesare Alfieri, M. Golling, A. Klenner and Ursula Keller


Posters from 2015

High Power 130-fs VECSEL
D. Waldburger, S. M. Link, Cesare Alfieri, Mario Mangold, M. Golling, B. W. Tilma and Ursula Keller

Noise investigation of a VECSEL prototype
N. Jornod, V. J. Wittwer, S. Schilt, P. Brochard, L. Devenoges, J. Morel, T. Südmeyer

Dual-comb MIXSEL
S. M. Link, D. Waldburger, Cesare Alfieri, Mario Mangold, M. Golling, A. Klenner, B. W. Tilma and Ursula Keller

Cesare Alfieri, Mario Mangold, Sandro Link, Dominik Waldburger, Matthias Golling, Bauke Tilma, Emilio Gini and Ursula Keller

Posters from 2014

Record low noise performance of a MIXSEL
Sandro Link, Mario Mangold, Christian Zaugg, Aline Mayer, Matthias Golling, Bauke Tilma, Ursula Keller

A femtosecond MIXSEL
Mario Mangold, C.A. Zaugg, S.M. Link, A.S. Mayer, M. Golling, B.W. Tilma, Ursula Keller

Improved Performance of a Modelocked EP-VECSEL
Christian A. Zaugg, Stephan Gronenborn, Holger Moench, Mario Mangold, Michael Miller, Ulrich Weichmann, Wolfgang P. Pallmann, Matthias Golling, Bauke W. Tilma, Ursula Keller

Ultrafast vertical external cavity surface-emitting laser (VECSEL)
A. S. Mayer, Mario Mangold, C. A. Zaugg, S. M. Link, M. Golling, B. W. Tilma, and Ursula Keller


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