ETHZ / Computer Engineering & Networks Lab.
Expert in Resource constrained system optimization, RF communication, computer engineering
Lothar Thiele
Developing MEMS acoustic detectors for detecting destructive processes such as a rock face collapsing, leading to severe natural hazards
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Expert in wireless and embedded systems
Jan Beutel
Expert in satellite geodesy and precise navigation
Alain Geiger
Expert in Energy scavenging for thermal and hybrid systems
Christofer Hierold
FOEN/BAFU - Federal Office for the Environment 
Expert in risk management on landslides, the monitoring and the development of remote sensing applications for mass movements
Hugo Raetzo
Expert in modelling rapid dynamic changes of glaciers
Andreas Vieli

Project Description

Understanding, controlling and minimizing the risk associated with changes in our natural environment is of major societal interest. An accelerating growth in the need for risk-reduction methods and technology is caused by three superimposed trends: 

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Notable publications

Measurements of ice dynamical properties of Bowdoin Glacier, Norwest Greenland
Julien Seguinot, Andreas Bauder, Martin Funk, Guillaume Jouvet, Philippe Limpach, Fabian Neyer, Claudia Ryser, Shin Sugiyama, and Yvo Weidmann
Abstract Volume of the 13th Swiss Geoscience Meeting

Towards Real-time Wireless Cyber-physical Systems
Romain Jacob, Marco Zimmerling, Pengcheng Huang, Jan Beutel and Lothar Thiele
WiP Proc. of ECRTS 2016, Toulouse, France, p. 7-9, July 2016

Quantifying irreversible movement in steep fractured bedrock permafrost at Matterhorn (CH)
S. Weber, Jan Beutel, Jérome Faillettaz, Andreas Hasler, Michael Krautblatter and Andreas Vieli
The Cryosphere Discuss., June 2016, doi:10.5194/tc-2016-136

Monitoring unstable parts in the ice-covered Weissmies northwest face
L. E. Preiswerk, F. Walter, S. Anandakrishnan, G. Barfucci, J. Beutel, P. G. Burkett, P. Dalban Canassy, M. Funk, P. Limpach, E. Marchetti and L. Meier and F. Neyer
13th Congress INTERPRAEVENT 2016, Luzern, p. 434-442, May 2016


Posters from 2016

Posters from 2015

MEMS acoustic detectors for natural hazard warning systems
Jan Beutel

Ultra low power electro-mechanical pull-in trigger for environmental acoustic emission monitoring
Verena Maiwald, Michelle Müller, Cosmin Roman and Christofer Hierold

A passive micromechanical broadband amplifier for environmental acoustic emission monitoring
Michelle Müller, Verena Maiwald, Miro Käch, Cosmin Roman, Christofer Hierold

Challenges of Monitoring Glaciers with Optical Cameras
Fabian Neyer, Alain Geiger


Posters from 2014

Enabling Long-Term Energy Neutral Operation of Solar Energy Harvesting Ssytems
Bernhard Buchli, Felix Sutton, Jan Beutel, Lothar Thiele

Statistical analysis of cleft dynamics in steep bedrock permafrost
Samuel Weber, Andreas Hasler, Jan Beutel

GNSS Rapid Movement Detection
Roland Hohensinn, Alain Geiger, Sebasien Guillaume

Tracing and Stimulating Timing Sensitive Behavior of Wireless Embedded Systems
Roman Lim, Benjamin Dissler, Christoph Walser, Jan Beutel


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