Expert in thermal modeling of multiprocessor architectures and thermal management, hardware/software co-design methods
David Atienza
Developing a radically new thermal-aware design approach for next generation energy-efficient datacenters
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Expert in design technologies for next-generation heterogeneous many-core platforms
Luca Benini
Expert in data center infrastructure and networking, operating systems, virtualization
Edouard Bugnion
Expert in energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly cloud technologies and parallel systems
Babak Falsafi
Crédit Suisse/Datacenter
Expert in IT energy conservation
Marcel Ledergerber
Crédit Suisse
Expert in data centre automation solutions
Fabrice Roudet
BrainServe SA
Expert in cloud computing and fibre networks
Patrick Segu
BrainServe SA
ETHZ / Computer Engineering & Networks Lab.
Expert in Resource constrained system optimization, RF communication, computer engineering
Lothar Thiele
Expert in microscale two-phase flow and heat transfer and modeling of micro-evaporators
John Thome

Project Description

Energy efficiency in datacenters is of strategic importance to Switzerland, as over 75% of the Swiss economy is service-based and depends on information technology (IT), which makes Switzerland one of top spenders of IT per capita. IT is also witnessing a major paradigm shift towards Cloud Computing with datacenters emerging as a key backbone of services at scale, making energy dissipated in datacenters a key concern even with moderate increases in IT electricity demands. In particular, because of Switzerland’s decision to abandon nuclear energy by 2034, improvements in energy efficiency are imperative to make up for half of the electricity otherwise furnished by nuclear power. Meanwhile, in Switzerland many IT departments for enterprises, research, and governmental organizations alike are at capacity with regards to their electricity budget. Thus, the only feasible solution to achieve energy sustainability is to drastically increase the power efficiency of data centers.   

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Our researchers in the media

Notable publications

VNToR: Network Virtualization at the Top-of-Rack Switch
Fietz, Jonas; Whitlock, Sam; Ioannidis, George; Argyraki, Katerina; Bugnion, Edouard
Proceedings of the 7th ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing

GreenCool: An Energy-Efficient Liquid Cooling Design Technique for 3-D MPSoCs Via Channel Width Modulation
M. M. Sabry, A. Sridhar, J. Meng, A. K. Coskun and D. Atienza
IEEE Transactions On Computer-Aided Design Of Integrated Circuits And Systems

A semi-analytical approach for optimized design of microchannel liquid-cooled ICs
A. Sridhar, M. M. Sabry and D. Atienza Alonso

ICCAD 2015 Contest in 3D Interlayer Cooling Optimized Network
Sridhar, Arvind; Sabry, Mohamed M.; Atienza Alonso, David
2015 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Computer-Aided Design


Posters from 2016

Multi-Objective System-Level Management of Geo-Distributed Data Centers
Ali Pahlevan, Pablo Garcia del Valle, David Atienza

Two-Phase Microchannel Thermosyphon Cooling System for Blade/2U Servers
Nicolas Lamaison, Chin Lee Ong and John Richard THome

Accelerating Bioinformatics with Distributed Reconfigurable Systems
Stuart Byma, Sam Whitlock, Edouard Bugnion, Christos Kozyrakis, James Larus

Chip Design for Rack-Scale Computing
Alexandros Daglis, Stanko Novakovic, Edouard Bugnion, Babak Falsafi, Boris Grot


Posters from 2015

Virtual Flow Tables
Jonas Fietz, Sam Whitlock, George Ioannidis, Katerina Argyraki, Edouard Bugnion

Two-Phase Microchannel Thermosyphon Cooling System for Servers

A Calibration Based Thermal Modeling Technique For Complex Multicore Systems
Devendra Rai, Philipp Miedl, Davide B. Bartolini, and Lothar Thiele

PowerCool: Simulation of Integrated Microfluidic Power Generation in Many-Core Servers
Artem Andreev, Mohamed Sabry, Arvind Sridhar, Patrick Ruch, Bruno Michel and David Atienza

Posters from 2014

Dynamic modeling and Integration of New Generation Datacenter Cooled with On-Chip Two-Phase Cooling System

TRANSCEND: Holistic Thermal-Aware Design for Energy-Minimal Datacenters
Dr. Martino Ruggiero and Prof. David Atienza (on behalf of the TRANSCEND Consortium)

Scale-Out NUMA
Stanko Novakovic, Alexandros Daglis, Edouard Bugnion, Babak Falsafi, Boris Grot

Fast and Scalable Simulation of Many-Core Heterogeneous SoCs
Shivani Raghav, Martino Ruggiero, David Atienza, Christian Pinto, Andrea Marongiu, Luca Benini


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