Technology Integration into Textiles: Empowering Health and Security

Future personal mobile systems consist of a communication and computing hub - e.g. a Smart Phone - which ensures the continuous and online connectivity. The personalization of this communication node requires the connection to sensing capabilities close to the human body, which detect the user’s context, be it the activity, motion, health or the mental and social behavior. In that spirit, an increasing variety of wearable functionality is being developed and demonstrated worldwide. However, in the textile sector, the actual breakthrough of these novel technologies is absent due to a general lack of compatibility of conventional electric, electronic and sensory devices with textile processing procedures and textile wearability. Indeed, existing e-textiles usually integrate state-of-the-art electronic devices into clothing, inducing many limitations like restricted flexibility, washability and comfort. 

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Posters from 2013

Optoelectronic integration in textile for wearable sensors
Bastien Schyrr, Rana Afshar, Stéphanie Pasche, Réal Ischer, Lukas Scherer, Guy Voirin, Jean Luprano

Smart system for advanced wound management
Bastien Schyrr, Stephanie Pasche, Emmanuel Scolan, Réal Ischer, Rana Afshar, Damien Ferrario, Jacques-André Porchet, Lukas J. Scherer, Guy Voirin, Jean Luprano

Evaluation of Textile Based Near Infrared System
Nassim Nasseri, Martin Wolf

Textile Based Sensors for Paraplegics
Nassim Nasseri, Marek Krehel, Christoph Zysset, Damien Ferrario, Martin Wolf


Posters from 2012

Biosensing with Optical Fiber Fabrics
Schyrr, Pasche, Ischer, Ferrario, Porchet, Voirin, Krehel, Rossi, Scherer

Flexible electronics for smart textiles
Zysset, Kinkeldei, Münzenrieder, Salvatore, Tröster

E-Fibers: Sensor Functionality
Lawes, Drabik, Schoeller, Hegemann, Gaan

Posters from 2011

Efibers: Protective Coatings and Piezoresistive Properties
Langecker, Gaan, Ritter, Koll, Clemens, Heuberger

Flexible polymer optical fibres for biosensing with textiles
Bastien Schyrr, Stéphanie Pasche, Emmanuel Scolan, Réal Ischer, Damien Ferrario, Jacques-André Porchet, Guy Voirin, Evren Aslan-Gürel, L. Gottardo, Marek Krehel, Rene M. Rossi, Lukas J. Scherer

Flexible Electronis for Smart Textile Applications
Christoph Zysset, Niko Münzenrieder, Thomas Kinkeldei, Kunigunde Cherenack, Gerhard Tröster

Notable publications

Woven thin-film metal interconnects
K. H. Cherenack, T. Kinkeldei, C. Zysset and G. Tröster,
IEEE Electron. Dev. Lett., (2010)

Woven Electronic Textiles: An Enabling Technology for Health-care Monitoring in Clothing
C. Zysset, T. Kinkeldei, K. Cherenack, and G. Tröster
Proc. Ubihealth 2010, accepted for publication (8, 2010)

Woven electronic fibres with sensing and display functions for smart textiles
K. H. Cherenack, C. Zysset, T. Kinkeldei, N. Münzenrieder and G. Tröster,
Advanced Materials, (9, 2010)

Weaving integrated circuits into a textile
C. Zysset, K. H. Cherenack, T. Kinkeldei and G. Tröster
Proc. ISWC 2010, accepted for publication (8, 2010)

Gerhard Tröster

Expert in Wearable Systems

    Manfred Heuberger


    Expert in Advanced Fibers
    Jean Luprano


    Expert in Wearable Systems for Biosensors
    Rene Rossi

    EMPA St Gall/Schutz

    Expert in Textile Materials and Fabrics
    Guy Voirin

    Martin Wolf

    University Hospital of Zurich/Neonatology/BORL, ETHZ/NCZ

    Expert in miniaturised systems for the life sciences, clinical trial in NIRS Spectrophotometry
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